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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Race Preview: Storm the Trent (Hike)

We're back for Storm the Trent!
2016 Start - Sketchy!!!
We did this race in 2015 (Hike) and 2016 (Trek)

For some reason I can't quite remember we're stepping back down to the Hike - maybe it was the long day in the rain/wind last year.  It was a bit rough!

This year they're back at Warsaw (same site as 2016).  This means the canoe will be in the Indian River, which was a pretty nice body of water to paddle - I just hope it's not the first thing with everyone clumped together starting in the water again, that was horrible.  Also hope it isn't cut short!

We've only paddled once this year so far (yesterday).  My bike legs should be good and I've been running a lot of hills.

We did a bit of getting lost last year, so this year the big goal is not to... it can be a huge advantage when everyone else is getting scrambled around to not get scrambled around.  Most teams had some challenges navigating, I think only one didn't... hope to be that team this year!

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