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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Goals

I'm sick with the flu, so figure it's a good time to look ahead (while I endure the present!).

2014 Goal Check

I set some goals in 2014:

Goal #1 - beat my previous Ironman time (13:57)

Done!  12:54.

Goal #2 - lose lots of weight

Nope.  In fact I'm heavier now than last year at this same time.  I just didn't get going with it.


Goal #1 - lose weight!  I have a plan and a chart and everything. You can't fail if you have a chart.

Goal #2 ... I honestly can't think of anything I really need to do.  I am not doing a big Ironman or marathon or climbing Kilimanjaro, I'm just going to keep healthy and active and do events I enjoy.  Is that a goal?  Enjoy active stuff!

Good enough for now.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Bye to 2014!

Final cycling mileage: 6137km

That is probably as far as I will ever bike in a season, given that I have no plan to go back to Ironman...

It didn't feel like that much.  About the only time it felt like I was forcing myself to go out was during the peak of Ironman training, but even then it was hardly a chore.  I just love being out there.

All in all a successful year.  I felt motivated, saw some results I was happy with, and just generally felt good.

Only trouble is right at the end of 2014, I've let my weight get out of hand... so that's something I'll need to address in 2015.  No big.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Intermittent Fasting - Second Try

My weight has gotten away from me, again.  Sigh!  Up about 15 pounds since Ironman in August.

A few years ago I tried Intermittent Fasting.  In a nutshell, there have been scientific studies demonstrating that that fasting has significant health benefits.

It was interesting, but didn't yield the weight loss results I had hoped for.  I did what they call the 16:8 fast - basically, fast for 16 hours per day, eat the other 8 hours.  I ate between 11:30am-7:30pm, basically skipping after-dinner snacking (a good thing!) and breakfast (a controversial thing).

One thing I did not do was change my diet - I ate anything and everything during that 8 hours, without a tinge of guilt.  My weight did stop increasing (yay!) but didn't decrease (boo!).

It did teach me to not eat and quite early on I found that ravishing hunger subside.  That was amazing.  Also my energy levels throughout the day were much improved.   So I feel like I owe it another shot.

This Time...

It's easy and something I feel I could maintain indefinitely.

To actually lose weight (rather than merely maintain) I will also cut calories, and count calories.  At first I'm going for 2lbs/week, significant losses, but once I drop 10 pounds or so I will ease off to a 1lb/week goal, and eventually to maintenance.

Goal: 175lbs by Paris to Ancaster at the end of April.

And yes, I do know the chart goes up for two weeks.  Shhh.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Fake Bike Trip - DONE!

I went out today for a rather ill-advised 90km ride just to finish this thing off.

I've officially topped 6,148km since I started Dec 21 of last year, putting me beyond my goal.  I have biked the distance from Whitby, Ontario alllll the way to Delta Junction, Alaska.

Apparently Delta Junction is the end of the Alaska Highway.  Who knew?

I also have topped 6000km for the year.

I would be surprised if I ever hit this kind of number again in my life... I love mountain biking and off-road stuff, so all this road mileage isn't really in the cards.  Unless I lose my brain and try Ironman again (Whaaaaat!?).

It's been awesome, though, I've actually really enjoyed all those kilometers.  Mostly solo miles, just me, my thoughts, and the open road... lovely.

See you in 2015!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday, November 24, 2014

Fake Bike Trip Report #18

This is getting tedious.  Felt much more exciting when I first started!

My fake bike trip (history here)

I had one great opportunity to get out for a really long ride, so I was able to peg a pretty good bunch of kilometers on the board.  I am now at 5896km, just 261km shy now of my goal of 6148km.

I started it on Dec 22, so I will end it Dec 21... gives me 4 weeks to complete.  60km per week should be very possible, even on the trainer.

Monday, November 17, 2014

When the Paddle Breaks

I stepped on my Grey Owl carbon canoe paddle.

It's carbon fiber, so it's very strong... but not that strong!  It fell with the bent shaft facing down, I stepped on the shaft.


It didn't break entirely through, but carbon splinters along the shaft looked like very bad mojo.  I figured I had just cost myself $200+...

... but the good people at Grey Owl saved the day and fixed it for $60 - replaced the shaft with a new one!