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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Race Preview: Storm Adventure Race 2023


The Race

Storm is back! (yay!).

This is one of the more fun Adventure Races out there - new organizer (with a lot of experience though), new location.  Albion Hills.

We've biked there in the 24 Hour race which was great, lots of amazing trails! 25% "paved roads" though, so I'm still going to stick with my 29" hardtail rather than the full suspension fancy (but heavy and squishy) bike.

The paddle looks... different. Normally we've paddled small lakes or wide slow rivers, but this time it's a windy narrow section of the Humber that will be quite shallow. I expect we'll be running aground a bit and having to use our savvy creekin' skills (honed on Duffin's Creek in Ajax!) rather than super efficient stroke and brute strength. Looking kind of forward to it. Even a few portages!


I'm a mess and have been for while. My running is a disaster, had a recurring hamstring thing that's really bugged me throughout the spring.

Then a couple weeks ago I got a respiratory illness that shall not be named, again. I'm mostly recovered but in the last couple weeks I haven't done much. Lingering fatigue and snot and such.

I might be OK? I might not be. I don't know.

Oh and it's going to be super hot, +27C. Definitely not acclimated for that! 

Let's see, I guess? Sometimes things go better than expected.

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