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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Race Report: EB 2.0 - Eager Beaver 100 - DNS

I didn't start the race.  Wasn't feeling well, sore throat (which ended up exploding into a full blown head/chest cold).

So that's that.  It looked really cool from what pics I saw.  Next year.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Race Preview: EB 2.0 - Eager Beaver 100

This race looks cool... race website

Gravel, gravel, gravel.  A little pavement (not much) and some "sections" - difficult to ride stuff, apparently.  Oh and hills, lots of hills.

Flashback: Tour de Creemore...

... a long time ago, there was a ride called the "Tour de Creemore".  It started and finished at the brewery in Creemore.  It was gravel, hills, and the odd right of way with rocks and stuff that you'd never think of driving in a vehicle.

It was the first thing I did longer than the Ride for Heart.  It was hard.

Sadly, it morphed into a road ride eventually, all asphault, so I stopped doing it.

It was hard, fun, and ahead of its time!

Flashforward: Eager Beaver!

Some of the roads and climbs are from the original Tour de Creemore course!  I'm delighted.

I signed up for this months ago when I was in much better shape and much lighter.  Now I'm in pretty terrible shape and weight a good 15-20 pounds more than I should.

What could go wrong?  I'm going to mostly just mail this one in I figure, suffer, and hope to finish the 100km before the 160km guys finish their race.

I did a test gravel ride last week, it was +32C and I died horribly.  If it was going to be that hot I was going to bail on this one, but it won't be, so I'm in.  Oh August, why are you so cruel?

I'm doing the 100km.  100 miles of gravel just sounded too ambitious - epic, but too ambitious.  Another year I might try it.

Here goes nothing!