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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Zwift: Completing All the Routes - Update #5 and the FULL PRL looms


91 done, 10 to go! 

I hit Ven-Top this weekend, the longest climb in the game - that was pretty cool.  It wasn't as steep as Alpe de Zwift, and it was busy that day in France so lots of company.

Three big rides still loom - and this Saturday it's time for The PRL Full.

PRL Full

173km on the trainer sounds horrible... but so did the Uber Pretzel, and that ended up being kind of fun.

Box Hill 11 times, though??  The same London Loop, 11 times? 

I was originally planning to do it on a weekend when London was on the Guest World calendar, but then it popped up in this Badge Hunters Series for Saturday.  Misery loves company!

Bike choice - I'm going to go with a mixed set-up here, I think drafting will be important but so will climbing.  Aeroroad with Zipp 454s. 

Lots of water, calories, coasting, try find a few friends to draft when I can... and keep them pedals turning!