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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Norco Fixed It!

Thanks to Norco and Cycle Solutions in Toronto for getting me a warranty repair on my broken frame!

Good as new.  And they covered all the rebuild/etc costs.  Couldn't ask for much more than that!

They no longer make the Nitro aluminum 29'er frame, so I now have a frame normally sold on the 2016 Norco Charger 9.1.  Feels identical to me when riding it, though, not sure if the geometry is much different.

One thing I noticed is they've added a new piece where the top tube meets the seat tube, right where mine cracked... presumably this is to strengthen it after having to do a bunch of warranty repairs.  So this one should be bulletproof.

The other thing I noticed - most of the line-up is 27.5" now days... are the 29'er days numbered??  I love my 29'er, so I hope they stick around!  Keep them popular!