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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

2012 Racing Year in Review

When I say something is bad or horrible, I mean my performance, not the event itself...

Tough year.  I was due I guess... but between my own injury and family health matters I got a slow start to the season, and nothing really came together for me until very late.

My 2012 Performances
  • Whitby Waterfront Workout (10k) - bad - first race back from injury, did pretty lousy
  • Paris to Ancaster (60k off-road bike) - horrible result... big step back in the overall standings vs previous years... again, injury kept me pretty benched so undertrained
  • TREAD 6 Hour Relay - great, team had fun and did well, things were looking up!
  • Moraine 4 Life Relay - great!  in 3-way tie for the win, we had a great day as a team... my performance wasn't great but not totally off either
  • XC Mansfield Marathon (30k mountain bike) - horrible... DNF'd with a mechanical then suffered badly in the heat when I started the shorter event
  • Muskoka Grind (offroad triathlon) - horrible... my first non-mechanical DNF.  I was sick and shouldn't have even tried...
  • Ride4United Way (160km bike) - OK? I guess... I suffered but finished. 
  • Logs Rocks & Steel (Adventure Race) - awesome!  2nd of the male teams, and for the first time this year, improvement over a previous result.
  • Tour de King - OK... it was a tough day, hit a tree, but had fun and finished not bad
  • Ajax Run the Lake (10k) - Good!  Had a fun tussle for podium spots (which I ultimately lost) and my pace was pretty decent.
  • Downsview 1/2 Marathon - Horrific.  Disappointing.  Worst race I've ever done.
The best races all year were the team ones - partly because they carried me (in the case of the Moraine Relay!) but also because I did really well in them for whatever reason.

No running PBs this year, which can be expected given I had a late start on training.  I thought it would come around in time for that Downsview 1/2, and my training paces leading up to that suggested it had - but race day really disappointed.

Had my first ever DNF - for any reason - followed very shortly by another DNF when I tried a triathlon while still sick. 

So good riddance 2012.

2013... here I come!

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