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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Betsy Andreu

You're more likely to find Lance Armstrong than Betsy Andreu if you google for "hero"... but she is clearly the bigger "man" of the two.

She doesn't head up a charity, she doesn't sell bracelets or speak at fundraisers.  But she has far more integrity, and for those looking for role models she should be far higher on the list!

Through everything, her story never changed.  Lance doped.  She had her name dragged through the mud by Lance and his people, she was sued, but she continued to tell the truth about cycling - a truth many didn't want to hear.

I have two girls, and if they grow up to have half the principles and courage of Betsy Andreu I'd be proud!


Fat2FitGuy said...

Jono, this just keeps getting worse. I figure Lance should just confess and get everything over with. I know you were never a fan of the guy, but I was, and I am also thinking of suing him, he owes me 2 weeks a year for 8 years. I was tired and exhausted at work from watching TDF all the time. This is ridicilous.

Jon P said...

On the contrary... I was a huge fan, even in the comeback!