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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Race Preview: Whitby 10 Miler

I decided last night to do this race today.  It was between this and the Durham Cyclocross Classic, also in Whitby, but my bike needs fixing and I was too lazy to do it so...

I did this race years ago, but only the 10km.  It starts somewhere different this year, but still is on the Whitby waterfront.  Presumably it will be a bit hilly but not too horrible (one big hill if it goes the direction I expect).

I am going to be pretty conservative - start out at 4:45/km pace and see where things are at, then pick it up at 5km if things are looking OK.  I am promising myself right now to stick to this for 5km, no matter how it feels!

This is definitely my last race of 2012, so it will either be a dose of redemption or a last kick in the gut.  I'll let you know in a few hours!

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