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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Great weekend

When I told a friend of mine I was doing Ironman, he said "wow, you must like training!". Turns out, he was right! I really do enjoy swimming, biking, and running, and when I'm not doing them I get very restless...

... which has made the last two weeks very irritating indeed! I've managed just one 4K run and a swim lesson... and was sick as a dog.

After the super high of finishing the marathon, it's been a real low point for me. I can see why people get the post-marathon blues! After months and months of very regular and often intense exercise, it's hard to just take a break from it all and recover.

So this weekend was just what the doctor ordered.

Yesterday, a friend and I headed out for a couple hours of fall mountain biking. The forest floor was covered in fallen leaves, the temperature was just above freezing, it was perfect... we ended up doing some winding single-track sections, hammering over fallen trees, all of which just felt amazing! It was the most comfortable I've felt mountain biking ever... my fitness has improved tremendously this year, and my bike handling skills are better than they've ever been. It made for a fantastic time.

This morning I woke up and went for a swim, followed by a 12k run. For the run, I incorporated some trails at a conservation area near my house, which was a refreshing change. They were a bit mucky in places, but mostly it was really nice.

I'm in a Transition phase, so recovery is the focus, but I'm going to get back to frequent and regular workouts. I'm addicted to training!

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