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Friday, November 28, 2008

Preparation: Weekly Plan

I sketched out a weekly plan based on my goals for this period:
  • Get into the habit of training daily
  • Improve swim speed skills
  • Maintain a reasonable long run
  • Become comfortable on the bike trainer
This is really more of a guildeline on what my weeks would look like, I'm not going to sweat it if things don't fall exactly into place! I'll alernate week 1 and 2.

Week 1:
Bike (min)-




Run (k)--5-7k---5-7K

Week 2:

Bike (min)-30-45 ----30-45
Run (k)--5-7k--15K-

For the swimming:

"Speed" refers to working on Speed skills, ie. technique.

"Class" refers to a triathlon swim class I attend


Anonymous said...

peterwong (trifuel): Mate, you look so much more organized than I am. Where are you taking triathlon swim course? GL on your training.

Jon P said...

Hey Peter. :)

Triathlon swimming class is in Whitby:

$90 for 3 months of weekly lessons - can't beat that!

Anonymous said...

How have you found the lessons to be? More specifically how do they differ from normal swim lessons/masters lessons?

Jon P said...

They're focused on triathlon swimming, so it's primarily freestyle and he spends a lot of time on drills related to economy over a long swim.

Also we do things like drafting drills, which I don't think you'd normally get. He even did one thing where we used the ramp to simulate hitting the beach.

And finally, the guy who runs it also runs the Durham Tri club, which organizes lake swims in the spring/summer... not directly related to the class, but a perk of being with that group! I didn't do them last year but I will this year for sure.