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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mountain Biking - Slippin' and Slidin'

Bluebird Trail and Glen Major

There were a few hours between last night's rain and this afternoon's rain, so a buddy and I decided to go mountain biking.

We had never explored the "Brock Tract "section of the Toronto and Region Conservation trails it was pretty interesting. There was one section of pine forest that was just stunning, the entire forest floor was covered in pine needles, nothing survived by the super-tall pine trees. Really eerie and amazing feeling!

We were fully expecting mud, but I didn't anticipate just how slippery everything was going to be! My back wheel spent more time sliding out from under me than going straight, it was really tricky. The biggest hazards were soft mud patches and slippery leaves on top of rocks.

I had one pretty good spill, the terrain changed from a hard-packed trail to a soft forest floor. I was going a bit too quick through the curve, and my back end just stepped out from under me and I fell on my side. Ouch!

Oh, and the warning from the hunter we ran into in camouflage to "watch out for bow hunters" was slightly terrifying, actually. He wasn't on the Conservation area, but at that point due to some confusion in the trail markings, neither were we! Oops.

It was a nice time. We've spent hours and hours in the adjacent properties: Durham Forrest, Walker's Woods, Glen Major, and today portions of the Brock Tract... and we still haven't covered it all! It's just huge, and the diversity of terrain and trails is really cool (not to mention the effects of the different seasons!).

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