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Friday, November 14, 2008

Jon: the 2000 and 2008 models compared

The new model is a huge improvement, well worth the higher sticker price!

Weight235 lbs180 lbs
Swimming25m? Without stopping? Are you crazy?750m lake swim, no sweat
RunningCan run to the bus... but give time to catch my breath...Ran a marathon
BikingLongest ride around 50K... and I have the hospital records to prove it160k at 30km/h
DietPizza Pizza on auto-dialLean meats, veggies, multigrain bread, brown rice...
Hours of exercise per weekExercise every week? Sounds exhausting!5-12
Rest Days per week7 sounds about right2 is too many
Self-imageI look and feel like crapI look good and feel fantastic


Aaron said...

That's a beauty comparison - four years ago mine was from 220 to 175lb, and the distance question was more like, "42km? Sure, I'll be happy to drive". Good for you, and good for you.

Tina Marie Parker said...

Love this post! Very exciting!

runwuf said...
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runwuf said...

Upgrades are usually bigger and take more space, but Jon version 2008 is light and fast! congrats! Looking forward for Jon 2009 - Ironman Edition. :)