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Friday, October 31, 2008

The Transition Phase

I'm following Joel Friel's "Triathlete Bible" book, and so I've split my year up into periods.

The current period is "Transition".

The idea behind this period is to give your body and mind a chance to rest, before jumping back into training for the next year. It's unstructured time, you're supposed to avoid planning anything and put rest & recovery first.

This week:
  • Monday - Short run - left the stopwatch at home, and I don't know how far I went... feels weird
  • Thursday - Triathlon swim lesson
  • Saturday - Planning to go Mountain Biking
  • Sunday - Swim, and maybe run... maybe a trail run, even!
I'm enjoying having free time without having to obsess about timing every run and bike with my schedule... but at the same time I feel a bit aimless not training for something. So I'll probably do a 10 mile race in Whitby, it's in my town and gives me something to work towards, and it's short enough that it's nothing serious.

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