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Saturday, October 18, 2008

One day to go... Toronto Marathon

It's the day before the Toronto Marathon, and I'm excited!

I did a short 3k shake-down run at 9am this morning. The weather was pretty close to tomorrow's forecast, so it gave me a chance to test my clothing choices.

It'll be around 5C at the start, warming to 13C by the end. I went with shorts and a technical T-shirt, and my cycling arm covers (which I'll take off as it warms). It was perfect!

My only concern now is that I'm feeling the start of a cold coming on... right now it's a very mild cough, but I'm worried I'll wake up tomorrow in worse shape. I hope not! I've done rides and races in the past under the weather, so it wouldn't deter me, but I'd prefer to be 100%.

I'm making sure I keep myself well fed, snacking on carbs carbs carbs all day. Popcorn, bagels, toast, bananas, strawberries... yum. :) Spaghetti dinner planned for desert, so I should hit the start line with 100% full glycogen stores!

Sub-4:00, here I come! (I hope!)

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