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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Swimming, Olympic Gold Medalist Style

I hooked up with a triathlon group in our area who managed to find a swim coach... and no less than Olympic gold medalist (and silver and bronze), Anne Ottenbrite.

It went well, she taught us a drills and watched as we tooled around in the pool. Getting immediate feedback was great, I realized quite quickly that my balance isn't what it should be... as soon as she took our arms out of the equation, I had trouble rotating, suggesting I'm relying too much on my arms to control my body.

Having two different swim instructors is confusing, though. I'm taking weekly triathlon swimming classes, and there's a few discrepencies in technique already surfacing. I'm sure some of it comes down to style differences, but I think there may be some differences between pool and tri swimming that might be coming out.

I'll keep it up, though, see what works for me, and getting feedback is always great.

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