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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Race Report: The Mill Five (5K)

I did this 5K today, more for fun than anything (and to encourage a friend of mine who just started running!)

It was a pretty small event, around 60 runners... they scheduled it on the same day as the Run for the Cure, which probably wasn't such a good idea.

The course was mostly paved roads through the conservation area (Bruce's Mill), really nice, lots of trees. A few hills made it a bit challenging, but nothing too serious. There was also a short loop right near the end through the woods along a trail, really beautiful in there.

I did this race with a jogging stroller, pushing my 1-year-old son. I was thinking of taking this one at a leisurely pace, but then they put the timing chip on me... so... you know... instinct sort of takes over.

My final time was 23:36, which was only a minute and change off my personal best 5k! Good enough for 10th (of 59) and 5/14 in Men under 39. I don't know how much all of that means, since there were so few people, but I'll take it! :)

Jogging strollers don't hold you up that much really, I only really noticed it up hills and in the trail section because of the rougher surface... the rest of the time I was able to keep my normal pace. Not my normal form, though, but it didn't seem to effect the result much.

Best of all - pancakes and sausage breakfast at the finish!!! Can't beat that!

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ANNA-MARIE said...

Way to go sonny and grand sonny boys-love, mom

ditto, love dad

ditto on that ditto, love annie