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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Race Preview: Canoe the Nonquon 2016

This is a small and long-running canoe race that we've done for a few years now.

2013... 2014... 2015... man, where does the time go!  I can't believe we've been at this for 4 years already.

Total distance is about 25km.  We'll be doing it in our new HCC Grand Huron, which so far has been fairly kind to us (I'll post more about it someday).

The race starts on the winding Nonquon River, which can be a bit of a chore in an 18 foot canoe... but we're better at it than we once were, that's for sure.

The winding eventually lets up and the end of the river is quite wide.

Finally there's a slog across Lake Scugog, which can be dicey as heck (big waves some years!).  How much fun this part is entirely depends on the wind - some years it's been pure hell, others not bad at all.  Being a large lake you get that sensation of barely moving, even when you're clipping along OK.

Anyway it should be fun, a good workout and test before the Big East River X in a few weeks time!

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