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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Race Report: Moraine Relay 2015

Great race, great weather!

First off I just want to thank Mazda for letting me be part of their corporate team, but more importantly for their sponsorship of the Moraine Relay.  It's huge for this organization to have that kind of support, does a lot to make sure the trails stay amazing.

We didn't form our own team this year, so I was a refugee and joined Mazda for a single stage (stage 8).

I parked at the stage finish, then biked back to the start.  During that journey I encountered these guys... pretty sure they have the right of way?  Best to stop and take a picture either way.

Stage 8 is mostly roads, asphault and gravel, and super fast.  Last year I did it in 35 minutes, so that was the bar.  It was a bad headwind, so figured this year it couldn't be any worse.

It was much better.  Wind was out of the south, stage goes west/north, so little bits of tailwind and some very tolerable cross-wind.

I hammered it right from the start - only doing one short stage means you can go all out!  I don't need these legs again, so kill it!

In the end I finished in just over 31 minutes, so killed my 2015 time.  I might win the stage - should be in the running anyway!  Their timing isn't very sophisticated (rounded to the minute) so a bit of a coin toss if it's close.

Edit: I had the fastest time of the day for Stage 8!  Who00t! 

In any case it was nice to be a part of a really great event and a great organization that does great work.  Hope to be back in 2016!

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