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Friday, June 19, 2015

Race Preview: Big East River X

Race Website

I'm doing the 40km solo in my Wenonah Wilderness... it's in the "stock C1" class.

My Boat... so pretty
This one is more just for experience and enjoyment than competitive.  I don't have a racing boat, just a fun little solo ultralight.

Water Flow

I have recently found a great site for river flows, it's the Canada Water Office.

We haven't had massive rain this week, and the flow has reduced since the rain last week... looking good for the up-river portions.


I recently bought the WindFinder Android app, which includes what they call a "Superforecast".  It is pretty super, reasonably accurate from my experience!  It's predicting winds out of the south, which is OK news for the lake portion (headwind on the way back, though).

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