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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Race Report: Storm the Trent - Part 2 - Timing and Navel-Gazing

They posted the results, so I took it and being the Excel Wizard that I am parsed and chunked the data.

Most I was curious how the H-E-double-hockeystick we managed to finish 3rd overall among teams when it felt like such a bad day almost end to end!

Trek #1:  27th of 75 teams!

We knew this went terribly.  Getting lost really hurt us, when I compare us to the #1 team we spotted them over 10 minutes to the first checkpoint.  Note to self: next year follow those guys!!!

MTB #1:  3rd fastest, 18th overall by end

It's funny, because I didn't feel like we were all that fast... I really held us back, struggling up the first hill especially.  Yet this was our best leg on land... wild.

Trek #2: 6th fastest, 8th overall by end

Using the time from the checkpoint where we got off the bike to the last checkpoint on this trek (so it excludes a tiny bit).  I thought we had really rocked this, so 6th fastest is actually a tiny bit disappointing.  I don't think we could have gone much more directly through the checkpoints, just down to slower running I guess.  I was super cooked with the heat by this point.

MTB #2: 5th fastest, 6th overall by end

This includes the run from the last checkpoint of Trek #2 to the end of the mountain bike.

Nothing about this bike felt good.  I can't even remember passing people, but we must have at some point.  I'm so much better of a cyclist than this, but the heat and accumulated being-in-the-red just got to me, I definitely was the weak link on land for our team.

Canoe:  1st fastest!  3rd overall by end

Fastest team!  Beat the winning team by only 30 seconds.  My partner was pretty gassed and we weren't being pressured from behind, nor did we have anyone to chase, so we actually had taken this pretty easy... it's funny how this went from our absolute weakest leg just a few years ago to far and away our strongest.

We finished 3rd best of the 75 teams, 2nd best of the teams of two men, and smiling like we'd stole something!

What Went Right?

When I look at other teams I can tell a bunch of them had navigational issues during Trek #2.  Also everyone was pretty slow in the canoe - most people don't put any kind of priority on it, show up with a rental boat and slog through it.

What Went Wrong?

Humidity, heat - that seems to have really effected everyone though.  We were perfect on navigation after the very first checkpoint, but unfortunately the first one had the biggest penalty for getting it wrong (having to stand in a very long line!).

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