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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Race Report: Alfie Shrubb 8k

Result: 33:43 (4:13/km per results, 4:18/km per Garmin)

6th of 48.

I had no expectations for this race, and no real goal, other than the idea I would be around 4:20/km.  So yesterday I went for a 65km bike ride (and a moderate pace), drank a few beers, and just didn't really prepare for the race at all.

Seemed to have worked out pretty well for me, bang on my target.

The Course

Out 4km, back 4km.  Tough steep hill right at the turn-around.  A few minor rollers in between, going up on the way out, down on the way back.  Quite pleasant.

My Race

I settled into a pace a little above my target near the start, but soon realized we were going slightly uphill so backed it off a bit more by 1km.  At this point I was in 4th and feeling pretty good.  I could hear a couple of guys behind me talking about their pacing, so I pretty much gleaned they would be faster by the end... put them out of my head and kept my pace up.

Just before halfway a couple of buddies showed up on their bikes!  They had been out for a ride, stumbled on the race, and were looking to find anyone they knew.  They paced along side up the brutal hill, with a few  words of encouragement (and poking some fun).  Funny how those little things can help with the mind games.

The two guys that had been chatting passed me after the bottom of the hill, and looked pretty fresh, so I put them out of my mind.  But there was another guy that I thought I had a chance to beat... I matched his pace for the next few kilometers, just a few steps behind, hoping he'd crumble or I'd find something special.

Instead, with about 1km to go, he started to pull away... I could feel that if I tried to match his pace it wouldn't end well, so I stuck to my own and let him go a bit.  Near the end it was actually pretty close, I don't think he beat me by more than 4-5 seconds, but just didn't have the oomph to get there.

Felt pretty good about the result, about in line with where I figured I was (and at my current weight).  Heart rate was about where I'd expect (mid 170's in the first half, 180's in the second).  Just felt like a good race.

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