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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Race Preview: Tour de Waterloo

This race (ride?) is a 130km Gran Fondo in Waterloo, Ontario.

It's kind of a race, in that there are timing chips and prizes.  It's also kind of a ride, in that there are recreational folks just out there to tour around Waterloo.

Having never done a true cycling race, my plan is to try to stick with the "racers" as long as I can, until I get spit out the back and have to find other groups to work with.  Then I predict I will spend an hour or two hating life until 130km is done and I can go home.

Obviously my goals are a bit loose here!  Really, I just want to not embarass myself.  I'm not that used to having the pace dictated to me by circumstance, usually I have the luxury of pacing myself according to me!  That's true on solo rides, but also in triathlons, and most of the other little racey things I've done.

So we'll see! 

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