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Friday, June 14, 2013

Race Preview: Moraine for Life Adventure Relay 2013

This is probably the coolest race in Ontario.  Before it even starts, it's epic!

160km relay.  14 stages.  Canoe, bike, trail run.

And the neatest feature?  It's a stone's throw from the largest city in Canada.  All that wilderness, wildlife, and natural beauty, just a short drive from Toronto.

I've captained a team the last 3 years.  This year we had some difficulty getting the group together, so a few of us have joined another team!  We're still in the "Elite" category and we will bring our A game!

I'm doing two stages, a 6km train run (stage 4) and a 12km bike (stage 11).  I have never done either in the race, so I'm pretty excited about it.  And not having to have the stress of organizing a team is a nice relief - all I have to do is run and bike?  Easy peasy.

Volunteers - awesome!  Course - awesome!  A day to remember every single year - awesome!

If you're even slightly inclined to enter a team, do it... see you in 2014.

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Double Bellybuster said...

Hope it went well Jon! Once the team didn't come together, I committed to make my token appearance at the hometown running event. But will keep myself available next year. Lesley and Mike mentioned that they saw you on course. Hope it was a good time.