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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Race Preview: Tour de King 2012

This was a new race on the calendar in 2011.

To quote myself...
I believe I have a new favourite race
I may have been a tad caught up in the moment... but it really was a lot of fun!  A great mix of roads, singletrack, and tough/crazy road allowances.

New Course, Old Course

This year they are using almost the same course... except backwards.  Instead of going west, we're going east.  The crazy downhill in a trench with loose gravel will now be a crazy uphill... should be interesting.

They have also removed one of the off-road sections that was on private land, so there is now a very long section from the start of the race to almost halfway that will be on-road.  This will really change the dynamic of things, it will be more of a bunch/pack race for a long time before we ever hit a trail.  And the singletrack stuff will be at the very end rather than the start - should get held up a bit less (and hold people up a bit less).

Bike Choice

Mountain bike or Cyclocross?

The debate raged on before last year's race and continues now.  Passionate exchanges from both sides.

For me it's pretty easy... cross.  With one less off-road and so much road up front I think it's a no-brainer this year.  I was handy enough on the singletrack to keep up with the mountain bikes around me, except on the last one (and it's gone).  So done deal.

And it's just a stinkin' fun bike to ride no matter where you are!  The mountain bike is fun, until you get to a road, and then it just feels like a tugboat.

See you there!?

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