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Monday, September 3, 2012

Jono's Durham Forest Mountain Bike Challenge

This is the route:

It hits all three properties - Glen Major, Walker's Woods, and the main Durham Forest tract.  Lots of singletrack and enough climbing to keep the legs challenged.

I did it in 1:22:22... I think I can go faster, if I do I'll post my Garmin data here too.  I'm sure lots of people can do it faster than me, but even if speed isn't your goal this is a fun route to check out a big swath of these properties.

The challenge - beat my time.  You are allowed one stop, only because I took one - at the exit of Walker's Woods before you cross the road.  Stop your Garmin, drink something, and think about how much you hate me for making you do this.

(Disclaimer: Do it safely - I'm not responsible if they put up barbed wire or a pit of snakes or whatever, so keep your head up as always with mountain biking!)

Route description

This route has everything, but most importantly I tried to hit a lot of the best singletrack in the area!  Main highlights are Snakes and Ladders in Walker's Woods, the new build in Durham Forest (Burnt Toast, Bowes, Bowes II) and the classic Maple Gravy!

There are some good climbs, beautiful scenery (don't forget to look at it rather than just bombing through it!), lots of different terrain from mud (if it rained) to sand to hardpack.  Just a lot of fun.

Note that it doesn't stop where it started... you have a choice.  Bomb down the road back  to your car, or try to figure out how to get back on the trails.  The road can be a hoot, it's crazy fast.


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