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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Intervals, Bloody Intervals (and 10-20-30)

I did "regular" old-school VO2 pushin' intervals for the first time in awhile today.

5x1000m with 3:30 rests between each.

I don't usually get into this kind of detail on my blog about my training, but just wanted to capture this one as I'm pretty sure I did it right this time!

Garmin Data

Target pace: 4:00/km

Interval 1:  1000m  3:58/km @ 173bpm (max 180bpm)
Interval 2:  1000m  3:59/km @ 176bpm (max 182bpm)
Interval 3:  1000m  4:00/km @ 176bpm (max 184bpm)
Interval 4:  1000m  4:03/km @ 177bpm (max 184bpm)
Interval 5:  1000m  3:57/km @ 178bpm (max 187bpm)

Each interval became a little tougher, but I held the pace pretty well and made sure I finished strong on the last one.


There's another workout that's been gaining some traction in running circles, it's the 10-20-30.

  • 10 seconds very fast
  • 20 seconds moderate
  • 30 seconds very slow
Repeat the above 5 times in succession, take a 2 minute break, and do it again.  Repeat this 3-5 times, and allegedly you end up running 5k's much faster (according to one study anyway).

It's counter-intuitive, as the usual wisdom is that running at VO2 for 4-6 minutes gives the best 5km gains... but really it's all about pushing your body's limits and getting adaptations, so why not try it?

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