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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Race Preview: ING New York City Marathon

The only thing cooler than doing the New York Marathon:  doing the New York Marathon the same year as Mark Messier!!!

An Oiler forever (sorry Rangers fans)!

This will be my only marathon in 2011, and likely my last for quite some time, so I really want to do well.  I have put in the miles, I got in all my planned long runs, I'm ready.

The Goal

First off - I want to beat Mark Messier.  No way I'm slower than a 50-year-old moose!

Second - I want a personal best, which means better than 3:44.  This should be very possible... I'm planning for a race pace around 5:05/km, for a finishing time of about 3:34.  I would be happy with anything sub-3:40, especially after last year's rather grim finish.

What happened last year?

First 32km: 5:07/km
Last 10km: 6:01/km

Guess how I felt in those last 10km..!

This year I'm definitely faster and more prepared, but I want to stick with last year's goal pace rather than try to be more aggressive.  I would rather finish in 3:35 and feel like I had more in the tank than finish the first 32km in 5:00/km and crash again.


I want to get in as close to 250 calories an hour as I can stomach, about half from gels and the other half from Gatorade on course.

I am also going to use these eLoad tablets I have for an electrolyte boost - they seemed to help delay or eliminate cramping in other races.


Double Bellybuster said...

Good luck Jono. Stick to your plan - when you are early in Brooklyn and there are dozens of rock bands playing "Boogie On Reggae Woman" and "Jesus is Just Alright" at full blast, 5:05 will seem like a crawl - but resist the urge, there are bands and fans for another 35K.

TMtraining said...

Hi there! I own a local running club in Brooklin and am always on the look out for guest speakers. Your goals and success would make for a great talk. Let me know if you would be interested in coming to do a talk.


Sandy/Cupcake Girl said...

Good luck!
BTW being asked to be a guest speaker. How cool is that !!

Jon P said...

Pretty fancy... not sure I deserve such honours though! :)