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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Race Preview: Hearth Place 5k on the Runway

5k on the runway at the Oshawa airport, tomorrow.

Added bonus: it will be closed to air traffic!  (Whew!!!)

Added bonus #2:  my  kids - all three of them - are going to be doing the 1km race while I'm killing myself trying to do the 5km in under 20 minutes.  Cool!

My race preparation is what you'd probably call "stupid"...

  • Thursday - did CN Tower Stair Climb
  • Friday - 22km long run
  • Saturday - almost 3 hours of mountain biking
  • Sunday - 5k race!
Stupid.  But it was soooo nice out there, I couldn't have possibly skipped a wonderful fall mountain bike, could I?  In my head I was planning on about a 1 1/2 hour ride, but once we got out there we got a bit carried away (and lost!).  It was amazing and worth it, though!

I will do my best to go sub-20, this is really my last kick at that cat for 2011.  I've been close... managed 20:12 on a hilly one in the spring.  I haven't been doing enough intervals lately though, as my focus has been on the marathon distance and biking, so not expecting it.  I'll go out at 4:00/km and hold it as long as I can - if that's 5km, great, if not then I'll try again in 2012.

Give 'er!

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