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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Climb Preview: CN Tower Stair Climb

 Look up... waaaay up...

This isn't a race, but rather a climb for charity.  Walk up the stairs of the CN tower to the main observation deck!

1,776 steps.  144 stories.  Piece of cake!  It's only the tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere (formerly the entire world, until that Burj monstrosity in Dubai was built!).

My best time is 19:15, but I'm not sure what year that was... I'm pretty sure it was before I was running though, and probably a fair bit heavier.  I have another shirt from a previous year, 21:08.  I did it one other time, I think I was in the low 20's that time as well.

Goal?  Sub-18:00.  I don't know where I get that, I don't regularly climb stairs, but I need something to target, and that's as good of a goal as any!

To the top!

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crane hire said...

The CN Tower pierces the blue sky. I do not think I have the stamina to climb to the top using only the stairs.