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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Race Report: Durham Cyclocross Classic 2011

Temporary picture until I get a real one from this race
I don't suck at Cyclocross!

That was one of my goals this year... not to suck at cyclocross, and today I didn't.  I wasn't amazing or anything, but I held my own, did a pretty adequate job over the barriers and didn't get lapped.  Result!

The Race

45 minutes (which in this case meant 5 laps) of go-time.  This is super-short for a cycling event, I'm used to spending hours out there, so way more lactic acid and red zone than what normal cycling entails.

This course is cool - I heard several people saying "best cross course ever!" and everyone was grinning after.  Lots of natural terrain mixed in with a killer climb (that you get to do 5 times!) and a sketchy sandy downhill.  Every so often he'd pitch us off the trail onto some little bypass just for fun... I live in the area so I've done the sketchy sandy downhill a bunch of times, but it's much worse on race day after a few dozen bikes go through and dig it all up... but I really attacked it.

This year they had two different man-made barrier sections, my practice mostly paid off there.  I still stink at the re-mount, but my dismounts were all awesome!  I hopped the barriers no problem at all.  Still some work to do here, but far better than last year.

All in all an incredibly fun time.  I'm strongly considering taking a pass on a fall marathon next year to focus more on cross and do a bunch of races rather than just a couple of one-offs.  It's just so much fun.

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