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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Montreal Esprit Triathlon (Ironman distance)

I was cruising some forums, trying to find an ideal Ironman for myself, and stumbled on the Montreal Esprit Triathlon.

There is an Ironman distance, as well as a half, Olympic and sprint.

I looooove Montreal. And I'm a huge F1 fan... so the idea of doing a race that includes 41 laps around the Circuit de Gilles Villenueve has me over the moon! It's flat, which should make life a bit easier than the mountains of Lake Placid. And the swim area should be very calm - it's in an enclosed rowing area.

Downsides: It's not a WTC event, so while it is the full Ironman distance, it's not technically "Ironman Montreal". Do I care? I don't think so... but maybe a little! The course is cool, but doing 41 laps of the same track is a little much! I guess the F1 guys do it, but they're going 300km/h. And while there were about a thousand participants last year, less than 100 were doing the full Ironman distance, so I'd miss being part of a really big event and group.

I'll be mulling it over, but it's definitely a possibility.


Carleen said...

it sounds like a great race... go for it!

Carleen said...

on a side note-- my brother lost 80pds and completed his first ironman last summer in penticton.... I couldn't believe his transformation-- from a beer drinking/couch potatoe/college "athlete"

sounds like you're doing great!!

Aaron said...

On the plus side a small group makes it feel much more like "family" - you cheer for everyone because after 41 laps you know everyone. On the minus, 41 laps...
These things I've been told - never done Montreal myself.