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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Triathlon Gear

I'm not going to put dollar amounts next to all of this stuff because it would be slightly terrifying...

- Bike
- Clipless Pedals
- Aero bars
- Water bottle holders
- Water bottles
- Speedometer
- Underseat bag
- Pump
- Spare tires
- Patch kit
- Multitool
- Helmet
- Gloves
- Cycling shoes
- Cycling shorts
- Cycling jersey
- Arm warmers
- Leg warmers

- Shoes (2-3 pairs a year!)
- Socks (the two-layered blister-free kind)
- Orthotics
- Shorts
- Technical T-shirts
- Water bottle belt
- Gel bottle
- Running jacket
- Stopwatch (I'm low tech... some have GPS!)
- Race belt (to hold number on race day)

- Swim suit & Tri Shorts
- Goggles
- Flippers
- Finger paddles
- Stopwatch/lap counter
- Pool ;) or in my case, passes for the one at the Rec Center!
- Wetsuit (I currently rent)

Not sport specific
- Dog spray
- Body glide

- Sports drinks - Gatorade/eLoad/etc (powder)
- Sports gels/beans/gummies

- Race entry fees
- Gas to get there

You can get by with less, but to do it right, I find it's best to have the proper equipment. You don't need swimmng fins, for example, but it helps you learn to kick.

I don't want to know how much I've spent... many thousands I'm sure.


answerphoned1,d6 said...

What's the body glide for? Blisters etc?

I'm playing outdoor soccer this year and towards the end of the 2nd half my nipples start hurting! Does body glide help with that?

I also get calf cramps towards the end of the game...but I think that's an age/conditioning issue. :)

Jon P said...

Body glide - yup! I got it precisely because of nipple issues, mostly when running. I used to try to use Vasoline, but it doesn't last the whole run.

It looks like deodorant, you don't use much, and since I started using it I haven't had any problem. People use it on their feet too, or anywhere that might rub in a race.