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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Triathlon Gear

I'm not going to put dollar amounts next to all of this stuff because it would be slightly terrifying...

- Bike
- Clipless Pedals
- Aero bars
- Water bottle holders
- Water bottles
- Speedometer
- Underseat bag
- Pump
- Spare tires
- Patch kit
- Multitool
- Helmet
- Gloves
- Cycling shoes
- Cycling shorts
- Cycling jersey
- Arm warmers
- Leg warmers

- Shoes (2-3 pairs a year!)
- Socks (the two-layered blister-free kind)
- Orthotics
- Shorts
- Technical T-shirts
- Water bottle belt
- Gel bottle
- Running jacket
- Stopwatch (I'm low tech... some have GPS!)
- Race belt (to hold number on race day)

- Swim suit & Tri Shorts
- Goggles
- Flippers
- Finger paddles
- Stopwatch/lap counter
- Pool ;) or in my case, passes for the one at the Rec Center!
- Wetsuit (I currently rent)

Not sport specific
- Dog spray
- Body glide

- Sports drinks - Gatorade/eLoad/etc (powder)
- Sports gels/beans/gummies

- Race entry fees
- Gas to get there

You can get by with less, but to do it right, I find it's best to have the proper equipment. You don't need swimmng fins, for example, but it helps you learn to kick.

I don't want to know how much I've spent... many thousands I'm sure.


M said...

What's the body glide for? Blisters etc?

I'm playing outdoor soccer this year and towards the end of the 2nd half my nipples start hurting! Does body glide help with that?

I also get calf cramps towards the end of the game...but I think that's an age/conditioning issue. :)

jonovision_man said...

Body glide - yup! I got it precisely because of nipple issues, mostly when running. I used to try to use Vasoline, but it doesn't last the whole run.

It looks like deodorant, you don't use much, and since I started using it I haven't had any problem. People use it on their feet too, or anywhere that might rub in a race.