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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Swim Training - Sprint Triathlon (750m swim)

In preparation for my Sprint Triathlon in August, I'm building up the distance I can swim without stopping.

I've done 400m non-stop before, but with the longer distance I figured I'd be better served at starting from shorter increments and gradually making them longer until I was doing 750m straight.

I didn't list my warm-up or cool-down, but I usually do 2x50m to warm up and 1x100m to cool off at the end. I've only listed my Key Workout, I'm usually in the pool 3 times a week. On the other days I bring in fins or hand pads and work on my technique - body position, kicking, arm stroke, and breathing.

WeekKey workout
June 305 x 150m (750m)
July 73 x 250m (750m)
July 141 x 400m, 1x350m (750m)
July 211 x 200m, 1x600m (750m)
July 281 x 750m
July 281 x 850m
Race Week!Easy swims

Comments are appreciated! I completed a 6x100 and then the 5x150m so far without trouble, so on my way.

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