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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Running 1000K in 2008

One of my goals this year was to run 1000K, as part of the "1000K in 2008 - Challenge".

I started out great - had 270 km in the books after just the first two months!

But then I had my knee problems (ITBS) following the 1/2 marathon I did in February. I was off running for several months, so now I find myself far behind.

At the half-way point:

Run distance completed: 322.5 km
To go: 677.5 km

With 26 weeks to go, that means running about 26K/week on average.

My running goals are fairly conservative for 2008. I'm doing a 1/4 marathon in July (10.5K), the Orillia Triathlon in August (7K run), and then the Toronto 1/2 marathon in October (21.1K). With the running and swimming training thrown in, it's doubtful I'll be doing all that much running training, probably around 20K per week for most of it, peaking in the 35k range working up to the 1/2.

It will all come down to November and December, and how much run training I want to do at that time. In 2009 I'm planning to do the Mississauga Marathon, so I would like to maintain a good running base at the end of 2008 to start from.

I'll keep updating this as I go!

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