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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Training Last Week

Last week was fantastic.

Sunday - Bike - 50K Ride for Heart (with daughter behind me... felt like more!)
Monday - Swimming - 15 min warm-up + 1 hour tri swim lesson (a toughie!)
Tuesday - Running - 5K
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Swimming - 45 mins
Thursday - Biking - 28K
Friday - Rest
Saturday - Biking - 75K (Temp = 31C!)

It was a very active week for me... I don't usually get out 5/7 days! This week will be a little lighter as a I gear up for the Try-a-Tri in Binbrook. I plan to do a lot of swimming so my form will be fresh in my memory when I get out there.

I'm going to start charting my Ironman readiness. Obviously since my target is a few years out, I'm not ready now... but for each sport that I'm doing I'm either close or far from being there. I'll keep this updated as time goes on.

To the moon, Alice!

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