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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Next up: Orillia Sprint Triathlon

A week ago I said...

"I'm certainly not ready for the swim portion of a Sprint Tri, so I'm going to back off of that plan for this year."

But after some sober second thought, I'm going to take a go at the Orillia Sprint Triathlon in August.

Why the change of heart?

I was considering doing another try-a-tri for the swim experience, and a duathlon for the longer bike/run. I'm really combining these into one by taking on a longer swim.

Swim: 750m
Bike: 33K
Run: 7K

How well do I expect to do? Not that well! This is for experience, I have low expectations on performance. While I'm sure my bike will be fine, and I can get through the run, my swim will be a challenge.

I looked at last year's results. My pace from the Try-a-Tri was listed at 3:19/100m... it's not quite accurate as the time included a run up the beach to the transition area. But let's assume my pace ends up at 3:19/100m. In last year's Orillia race, that would put me in about 569th place (of 580 swimmers), with a time of about 25:00. Is that good? No! It's miserable. But it's not last... and I think I can likely do a better pace than that.

My current training regime is pretty hectic... 5-6 days a week! This week was:

Monday: Swim
Tuesday: Bike (30k)
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: Run (5K)
Friday: Swim
Saturday: Run (7K)
Sunday: Bike (110K) <--- tomorrow! Can't wait! :)

I'm going to keep doing more of the same, getting into the pool 2-3 times a week, increasing my running distances, and continuing with the biking. Hopefully it all adds up to a good race in Orillia!

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