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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wetsuits 101

Thanks to the great people at Enduro Sport, I now know a few things about wetsuits!

What a great store! I went to the location on Queen, it's a stone's throw from the Lake. Staff were super, but best of all they organize mid-week swims where you can get into Lake Ontario with a group of other triathletes (advanced and in training!) .

And to make it even better - you can do a 1-day wetsuit rental for $10 for those swims! I definitely plan to take advantage of this once or twice before race day. For someone starting off like me, that kind of experience is priceless. The guy at the store put me at ease, too, sounds like even a beginner like me will fit in OK with the group. I'll post a full report after I get out there.

I tried on the wetsuit I'm renting for Orillia. Interesting experience... I felt like a super-hero or something. Not hugely comfortable, but he told me that when you go to actually do the swim, you fill the suit with water which allows you to wiggle into comfort. I'll see when I get to that point I guess.

Taking it off wasn't as difficult as I'd imagined, you just have to pretend you're the inside of a banana - the suit peals off, and ends up being inside out if you do it right. It'll be an interesting transition...

Can't wait to try it all!

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