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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Garmin Problems - Again.

I want to love Garmin, I really do.

But their products are flaky.  The hardware, the software, all of it.  You might find the odd person who hasn't had trouble, but then there are dozens who have.

I've gone through two 305s, a 310XT, and finally I'm on the 910.  When I say "gone through" I don't mean I upgraded on purpose, I mean they stopped working.

Lately it's been software, not hardware (although I did have trouble with the heart rate monitor previously, so let's not pretend the hardware is without it's flaws!).

Garmin Express

I left my watch in my friend's car, so it wasn't anywhere near my PC.  Yet Garmin Express happily told me it was "connected", and had a nice little green circle.  That's irritating.

No, instead it told me "There was an error syncing with Garmin Connect".

Fine, misleading and dumb.

When I brought my watch back to within range - it wouldn't sync, giving me an error saying "There was an error syncing with Garmin Connect".  Googled for it and found many, many threads with people having the same problem.

Through no help at all from the error message, I swapped the ant stick thing to a different USB port, removed and added the device.  It worked.

So it had NOTHING to do with Garmin Connect.  Thanks, Garmin, your product still sucks.

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