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Monday, December 7, 2015

Hail to the Off-season!

Workout Hours by Month

January - 7 (I was sick for most of t)
Feb - 13
March - 10
April - 27
May - 36
June - 38
July - 42
Aug - 22 (vacation)
Sept - 42
Oct - 25
Nov - 15...

... and in the last 2 weeks my grand total is ... 4!  Over only 2 bike rides.

Partly due to not being able to run (stubbed my toe badly - first run since October was today).
Partly due to it being the off-season.
Partly due to a renovation project I'm working on.  Which by the way is the ultimate core workout...

Going to start ramping up again, building up the running to the half marathon in February.  

Also we've got a great "winter" so far, we've been able to mountain bike every single weekend.  Keep 'er going!

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