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Friday, January 1, 2016

Good-bye 2015, Hello 2016

Happy New Year!

Looking back at my 2014 wrap-up I said:

All in all a successful year.  I felt motivated, saw some results I was happy with, and just generally felt good.

... and this year I feel exactly the same way!

Did a lot more mountain biking than usual (right up to the end of December - bonus!).  Had a few injuries, recovered, got through them.

Weight is my constant struggle - and I finally lost some.  Well, first I peaked at over 200lbs... that wasn't good.  Very sobering.  But since then I got down below 180lb for the first time in years (somewhat reversed during the holiday season, though).  I know I can do it so will get back there very soon, the confidence is there.  Oh and the realization that alcohol and weight loss don't work well together for me...

2016 Goals

More of the same - get out and have fun.

Definitely want to rock out a proper Paris to Ancaster.  Lose some weight.  Run a half marathon (maybe a full in the fall?).

Need to think about it a bit more - for now it's all working so doing what I do.

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