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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Biking in the Snow in Durham Forest

Great day!

Managed to get out for my first snow ride of the year.  The temperature was just below zero and the snow has been pretty light, so it made for great conditions.

Also the good people of the DMBA (Durham Mountain Bike Association) seemed to have organized a snowshoe walk/run that tamped things down and widened the packed snow on the trail.  Those sections were great!

Big difference in the less packed sections, though - narrow pack, and if you got off line at all whooosh good bye wheel, sunk right in and took all your momentum.  Good recipe for a date with the ground.

29'er vs Fat Bike

Almost everyone out there today was on a Fat Bike - just a handful of us who weren't.

I just used my regular 29'er hardtail and normal tires.  No ice, snow wasn't deep, so it got the job done most of the time.  So give it a try if that's all you've got - it's still great, as long as it's packed enough.

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