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Monday, April 20, 2015

Race Preview: Paris to Ancaster 2015

My 10th year at Paris to Ancaster!

Seriously who is this dork...

Damn that's me!  I can't remember what year.  It wasn't my first, though, or I would have been wearing a fleace (FLEACE!) hoodie.

I was a total NOOB.  I had never done any kind of race, at all, this was my very first.  We thought this must not be that bad since there was a tandem category - ha!  When the mountain bike people said it wasn't "technical" we took that to mean "easy" - ha! 

It took me almost 4 hours.  We cursed the whole way home at the stupid organizers of this stupid race.

And within a week we were plotting next year...

... and the year after that...

... and here I am 10 years later still plotting!

This race is literally where it all began for me - where going out for bike rides turned into racing and pushing, and striving to improve. 

I'm not in the greatest shape this year, but I'm still going to go out there and give 'er stink.  And I would still kick my 10 years ago self's ass.

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