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Monday, January 13, 2014

Training Video Review: Sufferfest ISLAGIATT

ISLAGIATT stands for "it seemed like a good idea at the time".

And lo and behold, it was a good idea!

I already have a half dozen Sufferfest videos, most of which are roughly one hour in length.

For a longer work-out, what can you do?

Sure, you can put on some old cycling footage and crank the music, but I get bored pretty quick.  When boredom sets in on the trainer time stands absolutely still.

Or you can try one of the "other" videos, if you like really cheesy music and watching people sit on spin bikes (who wants to watch that?  WHO!?)  

Not for me.  I want good music.  I want to be entertained.  I want to be challenged.


ISLAGIATT hits the mark. At almost 2 hours, this is very long for a Sufferfest.  Make no mistake - this is not "base building" sit and churn steady for 2 hours!  In the Sufferfest spirit, there are attacks to be covered, descents to be pedaled down at high cadence, and mountains to climb.

The warm-up is longer (15 minutes), there are some longer than usual breaks to catch your breath, and the intensity is somewhat dialed back from a normal Sufferfest... but not by much!

As with the entire Sufferfest series, the music is great and appropriate for what they're putting you through at the time.  The storyline is engaging, the race footage spectacular (HD!). I really have nothing bad to say about it - it took what sounded horrible (2 hours on the trainer) and made it fun.  The time flew by.

Is it for everyone?  Probably not - it's a pretty bloody intense 2 hours.  If you've never done a Sufferfest before, start with something like Angels or The Hunted or Hell Hath No Fury.  Best to get the training levels and such worked out (and the legs up to the challenge!) before taking on ISLAGIATT.

5 out of 5!

Good luck!

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