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Monday, January 20, 2014

Fake Bike Trip - Progress Report #4

Hellooooo Sudbury!

(This is my fake bike trip... I'm not really in Sudbury!)

I put in a healthy 54km ride last weekend while doing ISLAGIATT (Sufferfest), which completely wiped me out.  This week was a "pull-back" week, so only did one ride - on my Cyclocross bike, 56km in the snow.  It was ... unpleasant.  Windy, cold, snow-covered slippy roads... my average speed barely above 20km/h.

So in 4 weeks I've now put 378km in the books of the 3369km total trip to Edmonton, mostly trainer miles at fairly high intensity.  This will be much easier in the spring, when 100km will be a typical ride rather than a weekly total! 

30 weeks to Ironman.

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