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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014... Hello!

2014 is about one thing - Ironman!

Goal #1 - beat my previous Ironman time (13:57)

Even finishing Ironman isn't a given, it's a long day. I'm pretty sure I can beat my original go at it - I've gotten faster over the years, plan to be much lighter, and I know what the thing is all about.

Last time I did Ironman Canada in Penticton, this time I'm doing Mont Tremblant.  They're both set in the mountains, not yet sure which suits me better... probably the long steady climbs in Penticton, the shorter punchier climbs at Tremblant are going to be more of a challenge for me.

Goal #2 - lose lots of weight

I set this goal every year, and by year's end I always seem to be right back where I started... this year even worse, I'm almost at 190lbs!  (Christmas weight!).  I want to race Ironman in the 160's, which should be very doable.

First, I'm cutting out alcohol for January to give me a jump start.  Empty calories, begone!

Second, I'm back to counting calories... weeee.  It stinks, but I'm used to it now so I'll just do it.

Third, I've been bringing lunch to work rather than buying it.  Nutritionally better food.

Goal #3 ... nah, two's good.  I'll have a lot of other smaller goals throughout the year.

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