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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Race Preview: Run Ajax Waterfront 1/2 Marathon

Back when there was still snow on the ground, I decided to join this 5k/10k/21k speed challenge.

It's nothing formal, just setting goals for the year in each distance.

My goals:
5k: <20:00 (2011 best: 20:12)
10k: <42:00 (2011 best: 40:53 - done!)
21.1k: <1:35:00 (2011 best: 1:36:05)

The goal for the Ajax 1/2 is simple: sub-1:35:00!  4:30/km.  Go big or go home. 

Pacing plan is easy since there is no plan B!  Start at 4:30/km and hold 4:30/km until I either triumphantly cross the finish or collapse into a ball of goo (or is that Gu?).

As for the course, I have run the Ajax waterfront a few times, it's a recreational trail with some small hills.  The east end of course is the same as the Whitby marathon course so I know it, and it's not that easy.   Waterfront is pretty, but can be windy.

Not an ideal race to be trying to set a PB, but it's the only half that fit nicely into my NYC marathon training.  I set the 1:36:05 at the Whitby 1/2, which isn't a great PB course either, so there's no reason it shouldn't be possible.

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