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Thursday, September 22, 2011

100 Pushups - Attempt #2

The goal - 100 consecutive push-ups.

This site has a plan to get there.  Pretty simple - you increase the number each session until eventually you can do it!  They alter the amount of rest between sets and such, but really all it is is repetition and incremental increase.

I originally tried this 3 years ago... but I felt some aches and pains that were impacting my swimming right at the start of Ironman training, so I stopped.  Now I'm off the swimming, so there's really no excuse! 

In the initial test I was only able to do 12... pretty sad.  First day was tough - I barely got through all the sets, and I'm really sore today.  Lots of work to do here, but hey, I was a pretty crappy runner when I started that too...

Update #1:  OK so it really didn't go that great for the first few weeks... I don't know why they have you doing 12 push-up sets when your initial test was 12???  It makes no sense.  I figure I'll be better off if I drop the number in each set and actually do it, so instead of column 3 as they suggested, I'm using column 2 and starting over.  Today I did 6-6-4-4-8, and it felt really good (although those numbers look so pathetic!).  I would rather feel good and actually achieve this thing than strain myself and never get there!  More updates to come...


cdnhollywood said...

In the same boat! I bought the iPhone app this time, thinking that spending $1 would help motivate me. My initial test was 11, then I did Wk1 Day1, then stopped.


answerphoned1,d6 said...

Good luck!

I found that after doing chest exercises I would get aches and pains in my upper back/neck/trapezius area. Not sure if that's what you experienced. But something like this:

Anyway I started doing these stretches and it's helped me a bit.

Jon P said...

Hmm, interesting... I do get neck pain from the computer for sure (and my bike posture), wouldn't be at all surprised if it were a factor. It wasn't chest or arm pain that sidelined me last time, it was neck and shoulder.

answerphoned1,d6 said...

At least that's what happens to me I think: the pectorals tighten up and pull my shoulders forward, then everything gets all out of whack.

My posture is terrible to begin with; sitting at a computer all day doesn't help either.

Jon P said...

Updated the post... I just wasn't getting anywhere with column 3, found my ass kicked by the 2nd set and struggled/died by set 5. So I'm going over to column 2 and starting over... I'd rather start lower than I'm capable of and get used to the activity.