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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Race Preview: Logs Rocks & Steel

What is it?

Canoe 4k, mountain bike 22k, and finish it off with a 5k run.  I will be participating in the team category with a buddy of mine.

There is also a more challenging "Championship Course" that features a 14k paddle, 50k mountain bike, and 16k trail run... maybe next year!

Race website

Race Preparation

I have been doing a lot more off-road biking than usual this year, and throwing some trail running into my run training as well.  I did pretty well in my recent off-road duathlon (Mine over Matter), so I'm feeling good about those two portions of the race.

The canoe is a different matter - neither of us has all that much experience.  We got out a few times to practice and mostly have the hang of keeping the boat straight, which is half the battle.  We managed to complete a few 4km loops in a comparable time to some of the top times from last year (around 30 minutes), but that was according to GPS... navigating a 4k course won't be quite as straight and perfect, we'll probably cover more than 4k!  Hopefully we don't lose too much time here and can make it up later.

The Goal

It's our first adventure race, so goal is just to have fun and push hard!  I don't quite know what to expect in terms of results, hopefully we're high up there, but if we're not then there will be some work to do for 2012.


Jennifer P said...

This looks like another awesome race! Enjoy and I look forward to the RR.

Spartan ab workout said...

The race is really an interesting and exciting event. Wish u luck and looking forward for more updates and for a next race.