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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

5k/10k/21k Speed Challenge

A few folks on the forums have set up a speed challenge for 2011. I'm stepping up to the plate!

Lots of different permutations, but I figured this one most appropriately matches my goals:


Goal: sub-20:00
Best: 20:34

This is the one I'm working hardest at right now, and the one I'm most confident in. I've been doing 3x800m intervals at faster than 4:00/km pace, and it's felt better and better each time. I think this one is there.


Goal: sub-42:00
Best: 44:52 (2009)

My best was at Sporting Life... so net downhill. I've made significant gains in the 2 years since then, so I don't know how relevant that result is. I find the required 4:06/km pace quite daunting, that will be tough over 10k! That's close to my current 5k PB pace. This is the one I'm most nervous about.


Goal: sub-1:35:00
Best: 1:41:10

This one should scare me more than it does... but a 4:30/km pace seems better each time I do it. I feel like I can get there.

Weight, bloody weight!

2 seconds per mile per pound.

So theoretically:
6 seconds per pound in a 5k
12 seconds per pound in a 10k
26 seconds per pound in a half marathon (21.1k)

Clearly weight will be a huge factor for attaining these goals.

I'm about 4-5 pounds lighter than I was last year in January, and only 3 pounds over my adult low. My intention is to run the Whitby Marathon at least 5 pounds lighter than last year, which just on weight alone should give me a two minute boost!

The rest will be down to conditioning. I feel fast this year, and my run training is more structured than ever... so here's to some cracking times in 2011!

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